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Military Children with Autism are Being Targeted to Save Money

TRICARE is bending science to justify cutting critical, medically necessary services for military children with autism in order to save money.

Since 2018, TRICARE has been systematically building a false case based on a highly flawed analysis that Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) does not work so that they can stop covering the service under military health insurance.

The implications of this could be catastrophic. There are more than 17,000 children of military families living with autism who could benefit from a treatment that the U.S. Surgeon General calls an “evidence-based best practice”. Millions more civilian families may be impacted if private health insurers follow the lead of TRICARE.

Sign our petition to Leaders to STOP TRICARE from bending science to cut costs at the expense of military children with autism.

Autism Services for Kids (ASK) is a coalition of groups and individuals dedicated to preserving access to autism treatment services for military and all children with autism, and we appreciate your support. More information about our campaign can be found on this website.